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Jungheinrich Pantograph Reach Truck

These ETR 230 and ETR 235 trucks complement the existing 3 series with lifting capacities of up to 2,000 kilogrammes.
In contrast to conventional reach trucks, where the mast moves along the base-legs when handling pallets, the ETR mast is permanently fixed to the chassis. A movable fork carriage in the form of a pantograph performs the reaching and tilting functions. This makes the truck highly compact and, owing to its fixed mast which serves as a counterbalance, gives it a high residual lifting capacity, even at high lift heights. The driver can manoeuvre comfortably in narrow aisles and drive up extremely close to the racks to load and unload pallets quickly and safely.

Key Features:
  • Compact design for narrow drive-in racks
  • Adjustable fork carriages provide for high residual capacity
  • Intuitive operation, thanks to ergonomic Multi-Pilot control handle
  • Assistance systems guarantee high rate of efficiency

Jungheinrich has given its ETR 2 pantograph reach trucks an even more compact design to facilitate manoeuvring in tight spaces.
The result is that:
  • The minimum working aisle width is now more than 30 millimetres smaller than before
  • The new masts are around 50 millimetres narrower, making the pantograph reach truck ideal for applications in extremely narrow drive-in aisles
  • A new, extra-narrow battery compartment (optional for the ETR 230) further reduces the working aisle width by an additional 50 millimetres
High Rate of Efficiency for Intensive Operations
The powertrain components in the ETR 230 and ETR 235 are ideally harmonised and designed for maximum efficiency. A high-performance 36-Volt three-phase AC motor provides for powerful acceleration at travel speeds of nearly 12 kilometres per hour. With a lift speed of 0.6 metres per second and lift heights of up to 7.6 metres, the truck provides for fantastic productivity. The vehicle also possesses a high rate of energy efficiency, running for two shifts on a single battery charge, making the ETR ideal for intensive, extended applications.
Ergonomic, State-of-the-art Workstation

In designing the new pantograph reach trucks, Jungheinrich also placed a premium on ergonomics in order to reduce premature driver fatigue. The entry step is substantially lower and the driver’s cabin is generously dimensioned. Using the Multi-Pilot function the driver can safely and intuitively operate the vehicle. This multifunctional lever combines all the driving and hydraulics functions in a single control handle.

Sporting a total of six soft keys, the new high-grade colour display provides the driver with all the key operating data including the remaining time until the next battery recharge is requ

Jungheinrich Pantograph Reach Truck

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