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Jungheinrich Bravi Electric Order Picker (200kg)

With a maximum picking height of up to 5.3m, and the battery lasting more than 30km on a single charge, the Bravi 'Sprint' is especially designed to optimize performance in stacking and retrieval.

Benefits over the competition:
  • Higher picking height - 5.3m vs 4.95m
  • 2 x LED lights for improved picking
  • Rail-guidance for heightened safety
  • Maintenance-free battery that doesn’t require water filling as with other makes
  • Battery lasts longer on a single charge

Key Features:
  • Pick and carry stock at up to 5.3m high
  • Drivable at full height
  • Loading platform at maximum height corresponds to the column
  • Maintenance-free column
  • More than 30km on one battery charge
  • Maintenance-free AGM batteries
  • Built-in charger
  • 2 LED front lights that can be turned
  • Guide-rollers for 900mm rail-to-rail width
  • A safe colour - Jungheinrich Yellow
  • Operator handbook
  • Service software and printed service handbook
The loading platform corresponds to the column at maximum height, leading to higher throughput.
Heavy packages are easily placed using the column as the base and letting it slide into the material tray.
Operators are stress-free due to efficiency enhancing ergonomics.
The operator can comfortably accelerate during forward/backward movement without having to move the hand away from the accelerator.
Heightened convenience due to acceleration of forward/backward movement even being possible during forward movement.
The material tray is electrically operated by a button in the upper control box.
Having the double sensor pedal and left hand sensor in the safety position ensures that the operator is in a stable position, with both hands on the controls before the picker is activated.
The column is made of special extruded aluminium alloy which equires no maintenance.

Jungheinrich Bravi Electric Order Picker (200kg)

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