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Heli Petrol/Diesel Forklifts - H2000 Series

    The operation space has been efficiently enlarged - increasing driver comfort.
    Strict environmental friendly measures have been placed on the H2000 Series products. All these measures efficiently protect the user and improve the environment.
    Digital instruments with built-in intellectual chips making them sensitive, accurate, reliable and long lasting. They also consume less power and work in a wide temperature range.
    Includes a high quality engine and and transmission system composed of components using advanced manufacturing technology - it is this combination that makes the H2000 a powerful and reliable forklift. 

Diesel - H2000 Series   
  • CPCD10 - 1.0 ton Diesel, 1000kg capacity
  • CPCD15 - 1.5 ton Diesel, 1500kg capacity
  • CPCD18 - 1.8 ton Diesel, 1750kg capacity
  • CPCD20 - 2.0 ton Diesel, 2000kg capacity
  • CPCD25 - 2.5 ton Diesel, 2500kg capacity
  • CPCD30 - 3.0 ton Diesel, 3000kg capacity
  • CPCD35 - 3.5 ton Diesel, 3500kg capacity
  • CPCD40-WB - 4.0 ton Diesel, 4000kg capacity
  • CPCD45-WB - 4.5 ton Diesel, 4500kg capacity
  • CPCD50-W - 5.0 ton Diesel, 5000kg capacity
  • CPCD50-WB - 5.0 ton Diesel, 5000kg capacity
  • CPCD60-W - 6.0 ton Diesel, 6000kg capacity
  • CPCD70-W - 7.0 ton Diesel, 7000kg capacity
  • CPCD80-W - 8.0 ton Diesel, 8000kg capacity
  • CPCD100-W - 10 ton Diesel, 10,000kg capacity
Petrol - H2000 Series
  • CPQD10 - 1.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 1000kg capacity
  • CPQD15 - 1.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 1500kg capacity
  • CPQD18 - 1.8 ton Petrol/LPG, 1750kg capacity
  • CPQD20 - 2.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 2000kg capacity
  • CPQD25 - 2.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 2500kg capacity
  • CPQD30 - 3.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 3000kg capacity
  • CPQD35 - 3.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 3500kg capacity
  • CPQD40-RB - 4.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 4000kg capacity
  • CPQD45-RB - 4.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 4500kg capacity
  • CPQD50-RB - 5.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 5000kg capacity

Heli Petrol/Diesel Forklifts - H2000 Series

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