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Heli Petrol/Diesel Forklifts - G Series

This new series of forklift truck has been developed with the latest technical design providing you with excellent operating performance.

Friendly on the environment:
  • The emissions meet EC and EPA new regulations
  • High efficiency hydraulic system to lower the fuel consumption
  • Uses environment friendly material
  • Damping device on the mast to reduce impact and vibration
  • Sound insulating and absorbing device  to reduce the noise

Ergonomical  design:
  • Uses power braking system to reduce footplate strength
  • Control lever located to effectively reduce driver’s arm tiredness
  • Wide mast with good visibility
  • Increased leg space
  • Engine automatic monitor control - when engine oil pressure is too low or water temperature is too high, the engine will automatically shut off

Safety performance:
  • Enclosed cabin is made of assembling steel plate, high strength overhead guard designed to ensure safety of operator
  • Park brake with safety protection device
  • High pressure hose placed far away from operator


Diesel - G Series
  • CPCD10 - 1.0 ton Diesel, 1000kg capacity
  • CPCD15 - 1.5 ton Diesel, 1500kg capacity
  • CPCD18 - 1.8 ton Diesel, 1750kg capacity
  • CPCD20 - 2.0 ton Diesel, 2000kg capacity
  • CPCD25 - 2.5 ton Diesel, 2500kg capacity
  • CPCD30 - 3.0 ton Diesel, 3000kg capacity
  • CPCD35 - 3.5 ton Diesel, 3500kg capacity

Petrol - G Series
  • CPQD20-RC2 - 1.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 1000kg capacity
  • CPQD15-RC2 - 1.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 1500kg capacity
  • CPQD20-RC2 - 1.8 ton Petrol/LPG, 1750kg capacity
  • CPQD20-RC2 - 2.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 2000kg capacity
  • CPQD25-RC2 - 2.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 2500kg capacity
  • CPQD30-RC3 - 3.0 ton Petrol/LPG, 3000kg capacity
  • CPQD35-RC3 - 3.5 ton Petrol/LPG, 3500kg capacity

Heli Petrol/Diesel Forklifts - G Series

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