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South Island Forklifts

South Island Forklifts has sold, serviced, rented and leased material-handling equipment throughout Christchurch and Canterbury since 1999. With hundreds of pallet trucks, forklifts and order pickers supplied to every industry from timber yards and supermarkets to cool stores and orchards, we have the experience to recommend a forklift to meet your specific requirements at a price to suit your needs and usage.

South Island Forklifts are sole South Island agents for three quality brands: the tough all-round TCM forklifts range from Japan, Heli forklifts from China and the sophisticated German Jungheinrich forklift range with its cutting-edge electronic technology. If you are considering buying, renting or leasing forklifts or any material handing equipment, we’ll come and see you and discuss your options.

Regular maintenance and servicing will ensure that your equipment remains reliable and has fewer breakdowns, however if your forklift breaks down, you will want your equipment in working condition NOW. With ten fully-equipped mobile workshops, we are quick and committed to get your equipment back into operation to save you time and unnecessary expense.

Not only do we offer experience and expertise, but we are local. From the moment you phone our Christchurch office, we will provide quality local service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, when and where YOU need it.

Buy a Forklift

South Island Forklifts are sole agents for three of the top brands in the world: TCM from Japan, Heli from China and Jungheinrich from Germany. We also have a wide range of used and low hour imported forklifts.

Hire or Lease a Forklift

Whether you want to rent a forklift for one hour or lease a forklift for five years, talk to us and we will recommend the best option to meet your needs.

Forklift Servicing

With 12 fully-equipped mobile workshops available 24/7 throughout Christchurch, we are committed to get your equipment working quickly. We can also develop a regular service schedule to keep your equipment in peak condition.

Contact details

South Island Forklifts, 20 Parkhouse Road, Christchurch, New Zealand – Tel: 03 348 2060 – Fax: 03 341 2705 – Email: